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  1. Placing your cat in a cattery for the day of the move can be less stressful than having to worry whether anyone has accidentally let him escape or rushing him to his new home before you’ve had time to prepare his area. If this is not an option, confine your cat to a room before the removal van arrives – a bedroom is most suitable.
  2. Your cat’s carrier, bed, food and water bowls and litter tray should be put in this room and ensure the windows are shut and the door remains closed with a notice on the door of not to enter.

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  1. Outdoor cats should be confined indoors for at least 2 weeks to get used to the new environment. Regular small meals should be provided and opportunity to engage in fishing rod games and provision of small amounts of raw meat for him to tear and shred if he is used to hunting.
  2. Try to maintain the same daily routine as in your previous house to provide continuity and familiarity.

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  1. After about 2 weeks you can consider allowing your cat outside. Make sure he is identified with a collar with his name/address/contact number or alternatively an updated microchip.
  2. Your cat should be fully vaccinated as he is much more likely to contact different cats in a new area.
  3. Consider fitting an electronic or magnetic cat flap for ease of access to outdoors when you are out but avoids the risk of strange cats entering your home.

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Your cat may find familiar hunting roots that take him back to his old home if you have moved nearby. On leaving your old home you should alert the buyers to the potential that your cat may return and ask them to contact you if this is the case. It is important that the new occupiers of your home don’t feed or pay attention to your cat as this can encourage and confuse him. Keeping your cat indoors for as long as possible can reduce the chance of a return but can not be achieved in some cases. It may take many months of retrieval from your old home before your cat eventually settles down. If this process appears to be distressing him and he persistently returns to his old home across busy roads it may be kinder and safer if the new occupier or an old neighbour agrees to adopt him or you try to rehome him a long way from his familiar area.

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