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- may feel cat is lonely if no other cats in household / indoor cat.
- want all animals to get on well with each other in the household.


- cats do not need to be social creatures, they are not pack orientated.
-  may resent perceived competition for resources.
-  may be frightened by animals to which they have not exposed to before

Introducing a new cat or kitten to your resident cat or dog can be quite a stressful time both for you and your animals. It is not a simple case of expecting the resident animal and new arrival to just get on with it and sort themselves out this can lead to conflict, development of behavioural problems and an unhappy house. The situation must be controlled so smooth introductions are achieved.

Cats are not socially orientated and do not need a pack to function happily. Some cats will live with another cat easily whereas others will barely tolerate a companion. Most cats will eventually accept the presence of another provided sufficient resources like food, sleeping areas and toileting facilities are present to minimise competition. A contented cat may form a close bond with another in such cases.

It is up to the nature of the individual cats involved as to whether they will like each other but careful introductions make the difference between success and failure. If either cat feels threatened, excessive reactions can occur and conflict may take a long time to resolve, if at all.

  1. Kittens are less of a threat to a resident cat than adults as they are sexually immature.
  2. If adult cats are introduced it is best that newcomer is neutered and of the opposite sex.
  3. Cats should be introduced at times when the household is calm without anything else going on eg building work, decorating, and visitors.

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