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  1. I want to get to know it better
  2. I want to get to know it better but am a bit scared as I’ve never encountered anything like this before.
  3. I’m not sure I want to get to know it better but maybe if it and its things start to smell like me and my things I’ll feel happier
  4. I don’t want to get to know it better so I’ll keep out of its way
  5. I’m still getting my food and going out and about so what’s all the fuss about!


Some people are unable to cope with the responsibility of a new baby and a pet and are inclined to rehome the animal. This does not have to be the outcome if careful thought and forward planning are applied.


Various myths surround pregnancy and cats and many people will be keen to offer advice and opinions on the effect your cat will have on your pregnancy and baby. Some of this advice though well meaning can be scare mongering to the detriment of your cat – cats, pregnancy and babies can co exist!

Toxoplasmosis is an infection caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii. The greatest risk of infection is from uncooked meat and unwashed vegetables but cats that hunt and eat infected wildlife can pass the parasite on in their faeces. Infection especially in the first trimester can damage a developing foetus. Precautions can be taken to avoid the problem.

2. Roundworms
Toxocara and Toxascaris are easily removed with regular worming of your cat. Using Drontal (tablet) or Profender (spot on) every 3months is adequate for most cats but if your cat hunts regularly, monthly treatment may be required.

3. Suffocation myth
Cats love a warm spot and the cot in the nursery is usually very cosy but the old wives tale about cats sitting on babies and suffocating then is just that – an urban myth. The worry can be removed by ensuring the cat is not in the nursery when you leave the baby to sleep and if you want to leave the door or window open, put a cat net over the cot or pram. The only potential danger occurs when the baby is very small and can not turn over or move. The myth that a cat will kill a baby due to jealousy is unfounded, as is the myth that cats suck the breath from infants due to the milk in their mouths..

It is important to understand your cats thinking processes and we guarantee that by reading our Kindle E-Book you will have a head start. The most important factor in having a wonderful long term relationship with your cat is learning how they think. Get inside your cats head!

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