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Cat Toys:  

In this section we will feature toys we have tried and that we think are essssential tools to assist in playing with your cat.

As we all know cats are individuals and over a period of time you will find which special type of toy your cats like. However we offer some guidelines below for the best of the bunch.

Note these are toys we have purchased and tried on our own cats and in time we will upload videos of the particular toys.

Cats, like all mammals, engage in play as youngsters and continue to do so even after they have grown up.

Play is a complex learning activity that helps kittens develop social relationships and helps them hone their physical and mental skills. But it is also fun, which is why adult cat continue to do it.

You can spend many enjoyable hours just watching with amusement as your cat plays. Watching a cat play is one of the most entertaining pastimes afforded to the cat owner.

Many of you will have heard of Cat nip and this can be a very useful help in getting your cats to play:

Catnip's primary active ingredient, nepetalactone, is similar to hallucinogens.

However, it causes no harm to cats and does not turn felines into addicts.

Some speculate that it triggers a sexual response; others believe the behavior more closely matches a cat's predatory reactions. Whatever the cause, the "catnip response" tends to last from 5 to 15 minutes. After the session is over, most cats won't respond to catnip again for at least another hour.

Reproductive age cats tend to respond more than older or younger cats, and young kittens may actually avoid the plant.

Featured Toy-March 2009

Undercover Mouse


Kitties LOVE to Stalk this Crazy Mouse!
Your cat's Fun Will Never End with this award-winning interactive toy.

The movement of the Undercover Mouse is so random and realistic, Your Cat Will Think There's A Real Mouse in the House!

Get ready for HOURS of non-stop fun, because Cats Just Can't Resist This Crazy Toy!

Undercover Mouse has Multiple Speeds to suit your cat's hunting style and fitness level.

This Video shows you the Undercover Mouse in operation:



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office (at) purrfectcatbehavior.com


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